Monday, June 27, 2011

Photography Giveaway

I have two beautiful sisters, they also both happen to be extremely talented. My older sister, Aimee can make anything. She sews, crafts...etc. Basically anything you ask her to do she can do it and she often makes up her own patterns. I will be doing a giveaway for some of her fun things at a later time.

Today's giveaway comes from baby sister Sarah.

(Told you she was a beauty)

She is an AwEsOmE photographer! Let me put my disclaimer in now. Sarah is not a professional. She just does this as a hobby because she absolutely loves capturing the little moments.
As she is not a pro her rates are pretty great. Don't let me sway you. I am not saying she is good because she is my sister. She really has talent in taking pictures and she is happy to be giving a free 1 hr. photo session to anyone either living in UT county or willing to come on down for the shoot.

This is open to any type of pictures that you would like to take. i.e engagements, family, self.....the only thing that it is not open for is wedding pics.

Here are some of my favorite moments that she has captured.

 Anyway let the winning begin.
The giveaway will run until midnight July 4th and will be announced on Tuesday July 5th.

There is only 1rule to enter.You must leave a comment saying what kind of portrait you would want to have Sarah take for you.
The winner will be chosen by

Good Luck to all of you!!!


  1. She is pretty good! We hired her last year and again this year to take our pictures. If I won this, I would probably have her take some pictures of the girls in their Halloween costumes in the fall or a family Christmas photo or something. :) (I already have her taking a bunch this summer so, that's why I would wait.)

  2. Well if I won, I think I would throw my entry out, being Family. But let me put my 2 cents worth in. Sarah may not be a professional by this but she is professional. I do not know of many photographers that will spend the time, and grow close to the people she takes photo shoots of. She has a wonderful personality, and it brings the best out in people, so they have a wonderful experience. I have loved seeing her take the photo's and then spend hours making them special.

  3. Thanks to Laura,My Mom and Sis... I can't wait to do a photo shoot for the winner I have great location ideas and I would be willing to go as far as Sandy to do pictures. I CAN'T WAIT to capture the moment you want.And if you don't win I will still love to take pictures for you... I am still working out things with my own blog ect...but I have a lot of pictures on FB look me up under Sarah Yvonne Ogden and you can take a look at the pictures I have done.

  4. Ok I'm entering because I'm gonna need engagement pictures one day! (Hopefully soon). :)

  5. I would love to have a personal photo session. I'm a stay at home mom and look frumpy 90% of the time. Best of luck to all of your entries!

  6. I thought I commented but I guess I didn't I'm glad I checked! I would use the session for pics of Lily or maybe for a family pic.