Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bad Hair Day

Have you ever had one of those days, weeks...perhaps years where you can't figure out why your hair just looks like..crap?
I have those all the time, but I am an over scheduled Mommy so it is all my own fault.
My hair stylist (who happens to be my gorgeous and talented sis-in-law) has an AWESOME blog all about hair and make up.
She goes into all of the do's and do not's of how to put on your make-up and how to take care of your hair.

Believe me she knows her stuff. SHe is the only one who I have let touch my hair for at least three years now and she keeps it in great condition.

Go over and check her out at Nicole Does Hair! You will be glad that you did

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Re-do your candles Tutorial

So..are you like me and really really dislike the price of candles? I purchased these rust colored ones a long time ago and they used to match my decor but now that I have completely changed my living room they sort of stick out like a sore thumb.

So what should I do with them?
I mean these 3 little candles cost me at least 10 bucks and I didn't want to have to run out and purchase new ones when I had these perfectly good ones just lying around.
Plus I have a bunch of other things that I want to spend the $10 on...perhaps some new shoes or ice cream...
Anyway here is my solution.

All I did was tape some pretty paper to the candle.

Wrap the paper around the candle and then tape.

As my cool cutter is lost I just trimmed the bottom up with some scissors.

Then I traced the bottom of the candle and cut out a circle for the top, poked a hole in the middle for the wick and VOILA!

The new cost of these cute candle was .59. I got the paper at Hobby Lobby for half price. :)

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Monday, September 5, 2011


So I love this blog. I love that I actually have followers. I love that even though I have neglected it for a month I still have people checking in. I am not gonna make any promises that I will be a better blogger but I will try to do an update at least once a week. That will be my goal. I just have a ton of things going right now that HAVE to be done and this is just not number one priority right now.
Me and the hubs have been working on a bunch of projects though so it will be fun to show them off.
Look for a new blog post sometime in the next week with our big summer project :)

- Heather

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Well the drawing is officially over. I took the entries over to and let them do their magic.

The winners were

Jessica, Aimee and Laura!

Congratulations! I will contact you all to let you know you have won.

Start thinking about what 2 notebooks you would like and I will get them sent on over!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Composition Book up-do

This week I have been playing host to my super cute and sassy 11 yr old niece, McKenzie.
She and I have been doing all sorts of things this week and I have to say that she has been super...and I mean super SPOILED.
One of the things I love about her is that she is crafty. Since she was a little girl she has loved art and anything that involves crafts. ANYWAY she kept drawing in a book all week and I told her that we could make her drawing book a whole lot cuter and she was on board. I also thought that while we were at it we might as well make a few more for her school subjects. Here is what we came up with.

Guess what the best part is? I figured that just about every girl out there needs a cute little notebook to write in so you get the chance to win 2 of these beauties...but the better part is that 3 of you get to win.

Here is all you need to do to win.

1. You must be a public follower of heathershouse2home and leave me a comment telling me which ones you would like if you win.

That's it :)

The contest will run from 7/29(today) until midnight Aug 6th. The winner will be chosen by
(Open to US residents only)

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My current absence from Blog land

Argh, so I have not been able to Blog as much as I would like to as of late. I am sure those of you who regularly stop by have noticed.
Well I do have a reason..well 2 reasons and they are actually acceptable excuses.
1st excuse is I have gone back to school and I am currently taking the devils subject..I mean Math. I have a very complicated relationship with Math....I guess you could just say that I really stink at it so needless to say it is taking a HUGE amount of my time lately.

The 2nd of my absence excuses is because my hubby and I have been working on one of the BIGGEST home improvement projects that I think we have ever taken on. It is also taking tons and tons of time. Plus it makes my muscles hurt. I think I may have already gone through a jar of Ibuprofen..seriously. I had better be built after this :)

The best thing is that my part of the improvement project will be done by next Tuesday night and then I will get to sit back and watch someone else do the work...wanna sneak peek of what it is? ..... Too bad. HAHA. 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Candy Bar Pie

While I was at girls camp a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of eating some pretty tasty food. One of the best things I had was this pie that a fellow leader had prepared.
Can I say yummmmm!

The best part is that it only takes a little bit of prep and barely any time to throw together.

Here are the ingredients:

Vanilla Ice cream, Whipped topping, candy bar of your choice, caramel ice cream topping, Magic shell Chocolate topping, Graham cracker Pie crust.

The prep for this is simple. First take the ice cream and whipped topping out of the freezer and let it thaw out a bit so it is easier to spread and mix.
The second thing is to bash up your candy bars. That's right grab a meat mallet and take out your aggression on your tasty treats :)

Sample the candy to make sure the taste is right...

yep mine is good.

Now lets get down to making this yummy dessert.

Take your graham cracker crust and your magic shell Chocolate. Squirt a bit of the chocolate into the shell.

and then make sure you swirl it around to coat the bottom.

Next take your ice cream that has slightly thawed...(You will only want about half of your container)
 and your whipped topping (half of this container as well) and combine them with your pre-bashed candy bars. (leave a bit of candy bar to spread on top when finished)

After you have mixed it all up take about half and spoon it into your pie crust and then top it with some more of that magic shell and caramel sauce.

Next take the remaining half of the mixture and smooth it all out.

Take the remaining part of the candy bar and sprinkle it over the top and add some more of that caramel for good measure.

Here you have it, a very simple and tasty dessert compliments of my friend Camille...thanks by the way Camille, I am addicted ;)

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Buster Burger Giveaway

My friend over at Utah County Mom is having a pretty tasty giveaway right now. Head on over and show her some love and enter her giveaway!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Photography Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to the winner of our Photography Giveaway Jeana!

I would LOVE family photos! Pick me pick me!!

I will be sending you an email and if I don't hear from you in a week I will re-draw.

Stay tuned for the living room reveal and for a new giveaway!

Thursday, June 30, 2011


There hasn't been much response to the giveaway and I think I know why. I think I may have implied that there would be some payment for the images taken by Sarah.

Please note that this is not what I meant. The session is free and you will receive all images on a CD. No copyright or anything.
Sarah also edits photos to make sure that you are looking your best and to add a special something to your pics.

The Giveaway will end midnight on July 4th and currently there are only 2 people entered. The only thing you need to do to enter is leave me a comment saying what kind of photo session you would like.

To get to the giveaway click here

Happy entering :)


I bought these candlesticks FOREVER ago and I love them. They have so much detail and are different from anything that I have ever seen.
The Problem is that they are kind of hum drum. They don't really match any room especially the room that they are currently sitting in which is the living room.
So what do I do with these lovelies? I really love them and don't want to get rid of them, so I am going to ask your opinion on what should be done...

I have thought about painting them white and then glazing them. Spraying them turquoise or a dark brown.

What do you think?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fourth of July Hairbow Tutorial

 I wanted to make a cute 4th of July hair bow for my cute little K-La girl.
I have only ever made one really simple type of hair bow before so this was a definite trial and error but it turned out okay.

First off I gathered all of my supplies that I would need. I had 2 types of ribbon, a button, hot glue, scissors & an alligator clip. 

 The first thing that I did was to cut the ribbon to the sizes that I would need for the bow. I cut 2 lengths in the blue ribbon and 4 in the red and white ribbon. All of these were the same length. I also cut one more length of red & white ribbon to cover the clip.

The next step was to fold the lengths of ribbon in on themselves and glue them so they formed a ring.

 The next step was to glue all of the rings in the middle so they laid flat.

 They looked like this when they were all glued. Note just use a little dot of glue. Don't glue down the whole middle.

 The next step was to decide on how each layer should look
I then glued them together making sure to always keep the ribbon seams down.

The fifth step was to glue the 2 layers together.

 The next step was to get the alligator clip ready to be glued on to the base of the bow.

Here is a reminder of what to use for this.

 Glue the ribbon on the flat side of the clip as shown.

Hold the ribbon tight as you fold it around the clip and glue it to the top of the clip.

Continue to glue the ribbon down the rest of the clip keeping it open so you don't glue the 2 sides together and then tuck the ribbon under the clip and glue it down as well.

Flip the bow over and glue the alligator clip to the bow.

I just glued the clip to the lowest ribbon, which also happened to be the thicker ribbon.

Flip the bow back over and glue your button in the middle.

I liked the look of this so much that I made a larger one for my 11 year old niece.

 Happy Fourth of July and happy bow making!

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Photography Giveaway

I have two beautiful sisters, they also both happen to be extremely talented. My older sister, Aimee can make anything. She sews, crafts...etc. Basically anything you ask her to do she can do it and she often makes up her own patterns. I will be doing a giveaway for some of her fun things at a later time.

Today's giveaway comes from baby sister Sarah.

(Told you she was a beauty)

She is an AwEsOmE photographer! Let me put my disclaimer in now. Sarah is not a professional. She just does this as a hobby because she absolutely loves capturing the little moments.
As she is not a pro her rates are pretty great. Don't let me sway you. I am not saying she is good because she is my sister. She really has talent in taking pictures and she is happy to be giving a free 1 hr. photo session to anyone either living in UT county or willing to come on down for the shoot.

This is open to any type of pictures that you would like to take. i.e engagements, family, self.....the only thing that it is not open for is wedding pics.

Here are some of my favorite moments that she has captured.

 Anyway let the winning begin.
The giveaway will run until midnight July 4th and will be announced on Tuesday July 5th.

There is only 1rule to enter.You must leave a comment saying what kind of portrait you would want to have Sarah take for you.
The winner will be chosen by

Good Luck to all of you!!!