Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Woes of an air compressor

My air compressor has lived a very useful life. Unfortunately right when I am ready to staple on all of the fabric to my living room chairs of course it has to DIE. My living room project has been halted for over a month due to this unhappy and unforeseen death.
I am happy to move on though and the next step is repainting the room.
I wasn't originally going to do this but I have decided that I really don't have a choice.
The room suffers terribly from a lack of light as there is no light source in the room besides the window.
Our current Milk Chocolate color on my walls just adds to the darkness.
I do need ideas on paint color though. I will post a current picture soon (can't do it now as I am in class typing this...shhh)
Let me know what your thoughts are on the color to help brighten and not make the room dull.


  1. I have heard on all the home shows I have been watching that a light gray/purple has a wonderful effect to bring the light in.. Not sure if that is what you are looking for but it looked pretty on all the stuff they did

  2. You're welcome to borrow our (identical) air compressor if you like.

  3. I am not sure on paint colors either, but this might be helpful.


    Its always good for inspiration.
    Can't wait to see what you pick!