Monday, May 16, 2011

The Importance of Being....Primed

So it starts. The painting of the living room. If you remember I started with this beautiful shade of chocolate brown.

I loved it. I still love it. Alas it is long gone. It just made my already dark living room look like the inside of a cave. I think it also made everything look a little drab. A new color, a drastic color change had to be made.
Can I tell you the importance of priming?
I have a red kitchen. I LOVE the color red in kitchens but 5 years ago when my cute hubby and I painted it we didn't understand the value of a good prime job. Needless to say it took around 7 coats of this beautiful red to cover my walls and actually look red.
I have learned my lesson and went out and purchased a big fat 2 gallon bucket of Kilz 2 primer. It is a great primer and it really did a great job.

This is the picture of the first coat.

Yes I said first. Remember how dark the walls were. I want and need to have as much good coverage as I can get so my next beautiful colors will show in the way that Behr intended them to look.

See the difference.

Yahoo!!! The walls are all primed and ready to be painted.
Now who wants to come over and help?

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