Thursday, December 30, 2010

Re Upholstery

So I am going to take the plunge and re-upholster my living room wing back chairs.
I am very excited, nervous etc about doing it. Lets face it, they are in horrible condition. My dog decided they were her chew toy when we first got her.
Since that time I have wanted to take on the challenge. I will have to replace the cushion and repair the bottom of the chairs but I really think it will all be worth it in the end.
I have spent a BUNCH of time reading up on how to do DIY upholstery and I think I am set. I have also previously reupholstered a couch so I think I have enough know how to take this project on.
Now for the hard part. Choosing the fabric.
I really want to make a big change with the chairs. I want
them to look great and stand out. I also don't want to go too crazy though.

So I am going to post a few of the fabrics that I would be alright with and let you give me your opinions on what fabric I should use.

Here are the possibilities.

The top 2 you will recognize from the fabrics I chose for my pillows but I really love it and would have no problem putting it on the chairs as well.

So let me know your thoughts of what and why you would choose.


  1. I like the vertical striped pattern. That gets my vote.

  2. I am not going to be much help because I like all of your choices!!! Sorry, but I can't wait to see which one you do!

  3. Because I am a perfectionist, I would make sure not to pick a straight pattern. When (not an if for me) I made a mistake or something was crooked I would see it too much. So, I would pick a floral or those cool twists.

  4. Second one. Or fourth one. Go blue :) Although Melinda makes a very, very good point.

  5. I really like them all for various reasons, but I would say ,my top 2 choices are #2 or #3. Fun choices, but pick the one you and Jordan can live with, it is your house and you have to look at it everyday.

  6. my vote is second or fourth one too!

  7. I love the stripes, but I wouldn't do them - too hard to line up and get straight. I really like #4. It's more elegant and matches the style of the chair than #2. But I also really like the last fabric as well. I think it's very pretty.

  8. I like 3 and 8 :) I can't wait to see your pick!

  9. I really like number 4, its bold and funky but not overpowering. Save some to do matching pillows somewhere else!

  10. The last fabric sample is my choice, its timeless and will not become tacky in 10 years. I think it will wear well as well.