Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Winner is....

Thank you to all who voted, I really appreciate all of your input.

Now to reveal the winning room.....
With 60% of the vote the living room will be the first room that I begin to tackle.
I can't believe I am doing it but as promised here are the before pictures including all the dust promised in the first blog :)

Now I am in need of more help.
I look at this room every single day and I have decorators block.
Comment on this blog entry and let me know your ideas on what I can do to give this room a more home feel.
I am open to ALL suggestions regardless of the dollar amount attached. Obviously I am not a millionaire but if I really like the idea I am willing to look around for a cheap solution to make your ideas happen.
Please be honest with me, I promise I will not be offended...be brutal :)

Thanks again to everyone willing to take the time to read my decorating woes and help me out.


  1. My thought when i walk into this room is blah... there is no contrast in colors. I want some spark, some bright beautiful colors to enhance. The furniture is old and outdated, and needs some pizazz. I like the wall color, but more pictures on the wall would help, you have the beautiful James Christensen pictures that you had beautifully framed and they are on the floor..showcase them. And dust more often..was that brutal enough?

  2. A rug and some throw pillows using a bright accent color or colors. Add some drapes too. Yes - and hang your pictures. Then come help me with my living room!!!

  3. I agree with the other posts, more color. And maybe some bigger picutres, of colorful frames or bigger cictures that it's easier to see to colorful picture.

  4. A big mirror hung across from the window could make the space brighter. I know our living room in our last house suffered from a serious lack of lights in the living and it was one of my tricks to make it feel brighter.

  5. hardwood flooring or other carpet,out with the furniture and a big mirror where the couch is.

  6. I agree, more color and if you want a suggestion about color all I can say is I'm loving turquoise right now. Just a thought.